Thursday, March 23, 2006

The tree branch and Faith

You’re walking down the street (with the exception to you the reader in a wheelchair) and you see a large branch laying across the sidewalk. What do you do?

1) Step over the branch and keep walking


2) Move the branch to the side of the sidewalk, creating a clear path

Move people choose #2.

I always do #1.

Why? Because you don’t know if a person in wheelchair is going to come around the corner behind you or from down the street and come to that branch and have no way to get over the branch or around the branch, unless someone comes and helps them.

So many of us get caught up in our own little world and don’t think about anybody else. Hi Hollywood!!!!!

Kristie hears me complian about this all the time. When I go to her house, I always see a car or truck parked in a parking garage driveway in a way that blocks the entire sidewalk.

Selfish bastards.

Moreover, the driver will leave the car and go inside the building. This usually happens at night.

Selfish, selfish bastards.

Now what happens when a person in a wheelchair comes down the street, what is the person in the wheelchair supposed to do? Roll into the street and get hit by a car?

One night, a car blocked the sidewalk by parking a parking garages driveway. I said to the driver that she needs to move the car, that she’s blocking the sidewalk. She had an attitude and moved the car a few inches. Well I’m not a cop, so I can’t order the person to move, so I continued towards Kristie’s house. I didn’t get 15 feet and when I saw a woman in a wheelchair coming down the street in a motor-powered wheelchair, and she had a small dog on a leash that was following her.

You guessed it, when she got to the car that was parked across the sidewalk she had to go around it by going into the street, but when she did that the dogs leash got caught on the back bumper of he car, so the lady in the wheelchair couldn’t go anywhere. The lady in the wheelchair was swearing at the driver, and the driver came out and helped get the leash off the car and the lady in the wheelchair continued on her way, still swearing at the woman in the car.

The woman with the car moved the car a bit further into the driveway, but the damage was done.

This is what just irritates me. Its like the driver that blocks the sidewalk, waiting for traffic to clear-up so they can enter the street, but by doing that you have to go around the car by either the back of the truck, risking that the person may back-up and hit me, or you walk around the front and risk getting hit by a bus.

Selfish bastards.

Sometimes the driver will reverse their vehicle and when they do, I wave at them and say “thank-you”…

Phil Nelson, Solange Mukuana, Doctor Lorraine Thompson, and Joyce Lang are not selfish bastards. They’re good friend so of mine. Recently, I sent a movie-proposal out to my friends because I needed money to shoot a short movie. Phil, Joyce, Solange, Lorraine, and Joyce each kicked in money; they became producers for my project. They had the faith in what I as doing because I have a strong faith in my project. That says a lot. Off course I have to make sure they get their money back, but you understand what I am saying.


People can tell when you have faith, when you have conviction in your project; they can feel it. They can feel it when you have that deep, convictional faith. I have to have the faith that my projects will happen, even when things look bleak, when things aren’t going good, when it seems like everyone is passing me by, I have to have faith that my vision will become a reality. It was said in the movie Shaka Zulu that “the empire that Shaka created already existed in his mind.” That’s faith.

How strong is your faith? If you do not know, you will find out. Trust me, your faith will get tested.

Talk to you later…!



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