Saturday, February 18, 2006

Another day on the film development

Today was a crazy day! I'm in the middle of fundraising for my short film MOSAIC, which is a movie combining scenes from 4 movies that I had written. Its coming along well. The production costs $14,000.00. Thats a good amoutn of money for a film that lasts only about 6 minutes...I needed to raise more money, and two of my close good friends came through! I'm humbled that they have faith in my project......

Anyway, the movie, "SHOOTING DOGS" is coming out, its another film about the Rwanda Genocide. Though I am sure that its going to be a great film, its yet another media tool that Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame will use to justify the holocaust in eastern Congo (now standing at 7 million dead Congolese)... The reason I'm doing my movie isn't to place blame but to show people in the form of a docudrama, what’s really happening my country and to a certain extent what really happened in Rwanda. I'll talk about that in my next post...

For now let me tell you that there will be scenes in my film that recreates the killing of Luba’s in Katanga in the 1960’s….it was very emotional writing it, but even more emotional hearing the story being told to me by my Mother and her brother……


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