Friday, March 17, 2006

Update and the Sudanese protestors

Hello fans!

Thing shave been crazy the last few days…I had to finalize a budget for a potential investor. God-willing that it comes together, it’ll be a great achievement, but it will only be the beginning of a long journey. We sent the script out to Sanaa Hamri and her manager. She would be my first choice to work to lens (direct) the project. We’ll see what happens. I also have it out to a DP (Director of Photography) here in LA, Johnny Demp. He’s from Senegal, and he’s really good. So you see how I want to structure the team behind the camera. John was the DP on the upcoming film PHAT GIRLZ that stars the comedian MONIQUE.

There’s another project, actually a few that I am working on, but that will stay undercover…I get this on done, everything else will follow…

We still haven’t found a Sierra Leone actress to play the wife of Mulele. We’ve interviewed a few, so the casting directors want to bring them in, but we may have to search nation-wide…If you know any have them email me at

Turns out that University of California, LA (UCLA) is going to divest from companies that are doing business in Sudan because of what is happening in Darfur. I’m happy that the organizers of the divest campaign got what they fought for. I am dismayed because these same people don’t seem to care or are oblivious about what’s happening in DRCongo. That’s just my opinion. They’ll play their videogames and use their cellphone, both of which use minerals that come from DRCongo. But the Sudanese protestors won’t get rid of those products, or at least use products that aren’t helping to kill thousands in Eastern Congo with the help of Rwanda and Uganda. That’s why I’m doing the movie, to show what’s going on in DRCongo, raise awareness and give muscle to those that are fighting to change what’s happening in Congo, the core of this movie is for humanitarian reasons. The other script that I’m working on is about the actual war itself. That movie, God willing we film it, will erase all doubt about what really has been happening in Central Africa.

Okay folks, God bless and talk to you later!



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