Saturday, March 11, 2006

A day on the set of Prince's "Musicology" music video

Okay, here’s the Prince video that Sanaa Hamri directed after the Sting Video. Let me tell you, security was TIGHT in this place. Now mind you, I am a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Prince fan…did I tell you that I am a HUGE Prince fan?

So during the playbacks (playback is when the director looks at the footage just was just shot) I’m standing next to Sanaa. She is the coolest of the cool, she never seemed stress. Well she’s in her directors chair to my right. Prince is sitting too her right. It was all that I could do not to say anything to him. He did this song Pheramone that I wan to use in Les Femmes. But I just stayed cool about his presence and focused on what Sanaa needed me to do. I respected Sanaa’s work space, I as there for a job, I didn’t want to do anything that would make her look bad or have Prince say to her something along the line of “Man, what are all these fans boys doing on the set?”

So I just chilled and talked to her about Les Femmes and how I wanted to do a few of the shots in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde, off the coast of Western Africa)…after that I went to my spot for the next video shoot…

Now about the shoot. I was really something. So much went into it. Fatima Robinson did some serious choreography. When the tap dancers came out and did their routine I was stunned They were awesome. The lady standing on the stage behind Prince wearing the red dress is Nigerian. She studies at that time) at the University of Southern California. I got her contact number but misplaced it. I wanted here for this Sci-Fi thriller I wrote called Ghost Forest. LA is a small town I’m sure I’ll bump into her again. I appear in the scene where these two guys try to get into the club but aren't properly dressed. The doorman pushes them to the side to allow well dressed group of people into the club. After the man (holding money) and woman walks past the two guys, behind the couple you will see me wearing a dark-blue suit with a white shirt and tie. I have my hands on my chest. You next see me from behind looking at the two guys who are trying to get into the club. Its not a long shot but you can make me out..The guy behind me in the Bollo hat is my friend Heath Gunn. He also plays one of the security guards that is taking people off the stage…That shoot was fun, but again I learned a lot by watching Sanaa. Enjoy! Here’s the links: ( Musicology ( –has 16 second commercial – no need to register) Musicology


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