Saturday, March 11, 2006

A day on the set of Stings "Send Your Love " music video.

I've received a lot of emails asking me about a Sting video directed by Moroccon-born Sanaa Hamri that I appeared in a little over a year ago. Well here is the link to it. Her first feature film “Something New” was released a few weeks ago. The young boy in the video, who I hear is now taller than me (I’m 5’11), is also from the DRCongo. He had know idea that the video was going to be on worldwide television. He thought that it was a home video and that Sting was a wrestler, and wanted to leave so that he could go home and do his homework…He was sooooo spoiled that day! I’m the guy in the blue suit that hugs on the street…we shot that scene several times because he wouldn’t let go of me, he was supposed to act like he didn’t know me, but he did and I would hold him because I knew that he was nervous…He did great…

Enjoy the video! Here’s the video:

(in Realplayer)“Send Your Love (in Quicktime) "Send Your Love"

For some reason, the Quicktime is clearer and crisper then the RealPlayer..!

I look forward to the day when Sanaa and I work together on one of my films. I’d love for her to direct the Congo film, I sent the script to her. We’ll see what happens. She is a true professional and represents the North African community with class and grace…the production closed down a few city blocks but she was so calm through the shoot. I watched her as she moved between shoots, always planning and the funny thing is that I was looking for her for over a year before we finally meet because I wanted her to direct my female-led action film, Les Femmes. She’s great.



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