Monday, March 20, 2006

Life! Liberty! "9 to 5"????

Sometime we don’t understand the oppourtunities we have to make a difference.

I watched ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT a few minutes ago where they talked about this young kid named Matt who had a physical affliction that confined him to a wheel chair. They showed video of him doing a martial arts routine where he was qualifying to receive his next ranking belt. He had a oxygen tube attached to his body. That still didn’t stop him. He also wrote a book with former US President and peanut farmer Jimmy Carter. There’s the blind man who climbed Mount Everest, there’s the lady who is a quadriplegic who wrote a prize-winning book. There’s the young man in Boston who was using a broom that was bigger than the wheelchair that he was sitting in as he struggled to sweep trash a part of a “Roxbury Clean Up” day. There’s the man who ran a recent marathon, even though his legs were deformed. So many of us convince ourselves out of doing something great because we let negative thoughts into our minds.

Its extremely difficult to do a movie, its difficult working in this industry. You’re often dealing with different personalities and huge egos. You’re dealing with people who are in it only for the money and people who are in it because they share your vision. You deal with people who don’t really have a reason for why they’re in this industry. You’re dealing actors who think they are the reasons movies exist. I have met actors that haven’t been in any movies, not even as an extra, and they want to know if they will be paid to be in your film. I’ve had actor friends that would call and visit and hang-out with me, but as soon as they found out that I wasn’t going to film for at least 6 months, they disappeared.

Let me explain something here; if it wasn’t for writers that write the movies and producers that produce the movies there wouldn’t be any movies for actors to act in. Some actors and their entourage may think its because of them that these movies exist. Its not. Some actors may not like that statement, but it’s the truth and I’m sticking with it.

Many people think this business is what they see on Entertainment Tonight” or "EXTRA". What they don’t show you is the stars who think they’re bigger than the industry, the people that treat these people like they are bigger than the industry, the nastiness of this business. Tell me: do you really care if Paris Hilton was seen buying her underwear at an expensive store? Do you really care if Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pit ate at a restaurant last night? Somebody does, or there weren’t be all these programs that report news like that…

Why do I do this? Why do I deal with this to make my movies? Because I have something to say. Hollywood isn’t my life, its not my reason for existing. I have something to say, I have to speak for those in my country whose voice were silenced. That’s why I do this.

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you? Money? Fame? Prestige? Woman? Men? A picture of me? Only you have the answer to that. But be true to what you do and don’t let negative thoughts hold you back. If your mother let her thoughts and feelings of pain stop her from giving birth to you , you wouldn’t be here right now.

So whatever your dream is, whatever you want to do, go do it! If you saw the movie The Matrix you’ll remember that Neo was a “Temp” (a temporary employee) when he was discovered by Morpheus. With Morpheus trainings, Neo realized that the had the power to be great.

I still wonder why Morpheus wasn’t “The One”. If you can teach “The One”, can't you be “The One”.

Are you waiting for someone to discover you? You’ll be waiting for along time. Do what you do, do what you love and do what you were wired to do. That is what life is about. God put you here for a reason; wasting away each day doing what you don’t like isn’t why you’re here. If you’re going to suffer, suffer to make sacrifices to achieve your goals. More and more millionaires and billionaires are being created each day. Obviously, the well of goal achievement isn’t empty. So what are you waiting for? Your destiny is waiting for you, go towards it, no one is going to bring it to you!

I’m going to create a Podcast in the near future. I haven’t found any that talks about the issues that I want to know about so like they say, “if you want it done, do it yourself.” Things have been cool as of late, right now I’m storyboarding (illustrations that show what will be filmed) a scene that I want do involving the characters Mulele and Patrice at the grave of Patrice’s sister Kita. Kita was Mulele’s wife. Its an emotional scene, lots of issues are exposed that exist between Mulele and Patrice. Bibi, the one playing Kita is so perfect for the role. So far the cast is tight; everyone has the skills to really elevate this project. I’ve been in negotiations with this LA-Based author to produce his book as a Podacst and a film. We’ve had great discussions, and the deal is basically finalized, just need to work out the paperwork. Its a great series.

Today I just had a meeting with out Associate Producer Jamie Burke. She’s an actress, and I had met her at an audition for one of our films. She’s really professional, and I make sure to be available for her to answer questions that she has about this entertainment industry. We had a meeting about one of our films, 9 DAYS OF RAIN. 9 Days Of Rain is like a NINE 1/2 WEEKS meets Boiler Room with House music and Reggae. Jamie’s a great asset and she’s really learning and seeing what it takes to put a production together. She’s going to be dangerous in this business because she’ll know the secrets of the industry from the eyes of a producer. When you meet her you would be surprised to find out that she’s an Electrical Engineer. She told me that she became an engineer so that she could show little black girls that they can do anything they want, they don’t have to dream of being in a music video.

Okay, that’s it for today, and thanks for your company…



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