Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Said has returned to his Blog!

It has really been a long time since we’ve spoken, hasn’t it? Much to talk about. Both the Roman Emperor project and the Ethiopian Project is coming along well. The treatment has been written for both, each coming in at about 15 pages. I rarely write a treatment, I usually just write the screenplay. Its weird I know, but when I write, I hear the voices talking in my head, I see the images in my mind, it just flows. For example, the Ethiopian Project, when I finished the treatment and showed it to a few friends of mine from Ethiopia and Eritrea, they were really moved by the writing. I was deeply honored since this is part of their history. If I could draw some of the images that are in my head when I wrote the treatment, you would see a spectacular movie!!!! I’m going to start writing the scripts tomorrow, but first I need to write the treatment for The Holocaust War, about the events in Central Africa. If you like Saving Private Ryan, Thirteen Days, Oliver Stones JFK, you’ll love this project. It tells exactly what happened in Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi. This year I’m focusing on producing the projects. An audience out there thats not being served. Well, I’m going to serve them! Okay. I’ll be back later today and go into details about each project. Latter on, Said


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