Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Scene #77 from movie I'm working on

This is Scene # 77 from my friends’ feature-length film that we started filming this past weekend. I'm not going to say to much since the director didn't say we could talk about it but I will tell you that it was a fun shoot. I served as Script Supervisor, which means that I am responsible for continuity, issues (repeating dialogue correctly, matching wardrobe. In this sceen they are setting up the scene to eb filled. The guy in the bed is one of the lead actors and he's having make-up applied to him. The guy to the left holding the camera is the Cinematographer for the film (his job is to make sure the film looks good. To the far right, you can see the feet of the writer/director. The whole team was professional. I became a part of this project after I met the producer on the set of a film I worked on earlier in the weekend.


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