Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bonus footage: The Making of Patrice vs. Mulele

I always have a video camera taking footage of what happens behind the camera when we shoot a movie. Here's a clip. Congo Movie DVD clip: The making of Patrice versus Mulele


Episode 3: Patrice vs. Mulele

We shot this footage in February 2007. This scene takes place after the Maitre/Mbombo scene. I felt that this is a strong scene to come out with, so true 'Hollywood-style' we filmed this out of sequence. The music from the film GLADIATOR is temporary, and will be replaced with original music when its re-edited. The text scroll is the directors idea and refers to a scenes that takes place after the Maitre/Mbombo scene. We'll add original music when its officially released.Another addition to the "Lost Episode" collection.


Episode 2: Maitre versus Chief of Staff Mbombo

We shot this footage in May 2007 when we shot the 'Geneva vs Hatari' episode, in fact its a continuing of the 'Geneva/Hatari' episode. It features Ben Ochieng (Maitre) and Chief of Staff Mbombo (Elizabeth Ochieng). When this is officially released, we'll add some music to it. This is another addition to the "Lost Episode" collection. Enjoy. Congo Movie DVD preview 1: Maitre vs Secretary Mbombo


Episode 1: Geneva vs. Hatari

We shot this back in May 2007. It stars Kristie Latray (Geneva) and Joram Moreka (Hatari). It was a cool shoot, though the scene was written to take place in the courtyard that you see through the glass instead of inside the restaurant. I was told that the planes and helicopters flying above were causing a problem with audio. It was cool to see the words on paper come to live. This footage will soon be part of our "lost episodes" collections. More on that later. Enjoy.

Congo Movie DVD preview 2: Geneva vs. Hatari


Flashback: Lets start at the beginning

We shot some episodes from the Congo movie since I last posted here in early February 2007. So lets catch up in our conversations by posting some of the clips we shot. Enjoy the movie footage above...


Said has returned....

Gabcast! The Congo Movie #1